What we need pay attention to Eyebrow embroidery

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Is there permenent make-up so that everyone dumped? Of course you can! Medical eyebrow tattoo is a woman sought after “camouflage”, a beautiful pattern, embroidered wonderful! Zhejiang Lasylaser Tattoo Center, relying on strong professional technology platform, the deep art of tattoo embroidery and rich experience of tattoo integration to human aesthetics as a guide, based on medical knowledge, the use of make-up techniques, the use of unique Tools, will be harmless to the body’s medical color milk acupuncture planted on the skin epidermis, the formation of the ideal shape and color, and have effect of ultimately to “eyebrows vivid, look forward to Spring

What we need pay attention to Eyebrow Lips embroidery

1, cleaning. After embroidery eyebrow is the most important is to pay attention to clean, eyebrow after the parts are relatively fragile and sensitive, we should focus on cleaning the eyebrow, Tu anti-inflammatory ointment to prevent eyebrow inflammation of the site.
2, do not deduct the scab in order to avoid scars. After the eyebrow embroidered eyebrow epidermal area will automatically scab, after a short period of time can completely fall off during the eyebrow may have scab feeling, so do not remember to use hand to peel, otherwise it will form a scar.
3, diet to avoid taboo. 1-3 days after embroidered eyebrow can not eat seafood, drinking, to prevent allergic swelling.
4, pay attention to personal constitution. Preoperative doctors and customers conduct a comprehensive exchange for those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, skin allergy or injured hand is not easy to hey, too many white blood cells, lack of platelets, a coagulation time, the skin exclusion of pigment, If you have such case Lasylaser think Your eyebrows are risky and not suitable for eyebrow embroidery.

If the tattoo or eyerbow design out of time and we want to removal it

How to do it

Now Laser tattoo removal machine can help you to removal unwant tattoo and eyebrow

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